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A furniture designed for the Villa Kérylos

Villa Kérylos, vue de la bibliothèque

The Villa Kérylos is not only an incredible architecture, it is also a total work of art that you are about to discover !

An unusual design

Between 1902 and 1908, all of the decor, but also all of the furniture and every element, even the tableware, has been designed and made. 

Like the Villa, it is more a matter of evocation than mere duplicates. Richly enhanced by some marquetry, the furniture has been entrusted to the cabinetmaker Bettenfeld while the ceramicist Emile Lenoble made 150 dishes. From the tea spoon to the chest, from the window mechanisms to the massive window panes of the living room, every element is unique and belongs to the Villa Kérylos.  

However, even if the inspiration is essentially Greek, the creators as well as the craftsmen and the artists achieved to complete it with numerous references from the ancient Mediterranean worlds from Rome to Egypt, and even more broadly than this. 

Are you ready to travel out of time ?


Vue du mobilier de la bibliothèque de la Villa Kérylos
Vue du mobilier de la bibliothèque de la Villa Kérylos

© Colombe Clier / Centre des monuments nationaux

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