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Mosaics, like dazzling marble carpets

In Villa Kerylos, all the floors are covered with sumptuous mosaics of colored marble. Let us stop for a moment on these enchanting details...

The pavement with the mythological reasons of the Villa Kérylos

To the richness of the geometrical motives answers the diversity of the mythological scenes, since Theseus overcoming the Minotaur until Triptoleme offering to the men the agriculture. Evocation more than copies, these mosaics were nevertheless made according to ancient techniques, in marble from all over the Mediterranean world. The height of refinement, these mosaics tell in their own way a story of the ancient Mediterranean made of exchanges, and give to the Villa a particular sound under the foot of the visitor.

During your visit, contemplate the Villa Kerylos from the floors to the ceilings and let yourself be enchanted by these wonders.

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Mosaïque de Thésée terrassant le Minotaure, pavement de la Villa Kérylos
Mosaïque de Thésée terrassant le Minotaure, Grand Salon (Andron) de la Villa Kérylos

© Colombe Clier / Centre des monuments nationaux

Archives : some projections drawn by Emmanuel Pontremoli

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